Cell Foams as Word Work

This morning one of my students received a Coach wallet as a Valentine's Day gift from her friend (crazy, I know), but what became more valuable than the wallet (in my teacher eyes) was the little foam square inside the wallet that was serving as padding. Another student saw the foam and immediately asked her for it. Within a matter of minutes my little savvy 4th grader had created a cell phone/calculator made out of foam hence the name for this post, "Cell Foam." 

The size was perfect and the texture made it a cool sensory experience because it really felt like you were texting. 

The best part-it's free! So next time you are unpacking your Coach wallet (Haha I wish!) or anything that comes with that padding cut it into a phone-sized rectangle and BOOM a fun math/literacy activity! 

Can you think of other ways to use these cell foams? 

Happy Pinning!

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