Common Core-ifying My Classroom Using Rubrics and Student Anchor Papers

Common Core is upping the ante for student performance. This is a bulletin board I used when introducing our personal narrative unit. It was Pinspired by a pin I saw that was geared for younger students and I adapted it for 4th graders. Rubrics are very important and I must admit that prior to attending Common Core Workshops I was using the rubrics to grade, but my students didn't typically see the rubrics prior to me grading. (insert a picture of me teacher-blushing here) Now I show my students the rubric before they even pick up their pencil. I show it on the Elmo (you could also use an overhead) and we talk about the categories. Even still, some students find it hard to understand what a "4" looks like compared to even a "3." So we pull up 4 examples and I show them each example and each student uses the rubric to help grade these anonymous student work samples. After a class discussion we decide why a 4 gets a 4, a 3 gets a 3, and so on. It was eye opening to me to see how the student's graded these papers. An alternative to using student samples, you can go on the common core website and find student samples of what is expected. I will switch this board out for each unit keeping the same general format. 

If you have a bulletin board similar to this, pin it and leave your link here to the pin!

Happy Pinning!

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