Shower Curtains and Anchor Charts?

I work with an incredibly creative teacher on my team who's been teaching science for years and just this year added reading to her repertoire. All these years she's had shelves on top of shelves for science materials which took up most of her wall space leaving her with a big dilemma: No space for anchor charts.

Solution? Cover those shelves with kid patterned shower curtains to cover the clutter AND create "wall space." Double whammy!! I am a sucker for anything visually attractive in the classroom so I had to take a picture!

The pattern of the shower curtain naturally adds a decorative border to draw student's attention to the charts.

I've also covered up the blah green chalkboard with wrapping paper to add the same snazzy border effect. 

How do you create wall space for anchor charts?

Happy Pinning!

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