Have You Been Up Late Pinning?

In my little corner of the world, today is the day we honor Daylight Savings Time by moving our clocks ahead one hour. Boy was I tired! All I wanted to do after church was take a nap, but my boyfriend asked me to come to the store with him. Dragging my feet, I obliged. As we were walking in he asked me, if I was up late on Pinterest. Then he started laughing because it reminded him of the Sprint NBA commercial where the man looks like Kevin Durant because he was up late watching NBA on his phone.

He's said, "What if you looked like Pinterest  every time you were up late pinning?" And I just imagined people walking around with the Pinterest logo in place of their heads. Like so:

I say Pinterest does a commercial like Sprint's because it'd be hilarious. It'd go:
[mom enters the room]
Kid: Whoa, dad check out mom! Looks like she was up late pinning things on Pinterest again.
Mom: Why? Do I look tired?
Kid: No, you look like Pinterest!

In fact, Pinterest could have a whole slew of hilarious Pin addict commercials.

Happy Daylight Savings Time and Happy Pinning!
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