My First Video Tutorial- A Tip on Keeping Your Teachers Pay Teachers Products High Quality

Well, I did it. I dove head first into YouTube with my first ever video tutorial for teachers who use PowerPoint to create their classroom resources (especially for those who sell on TPT/TN).

I couldn't help myself, I discovered (AKA it was staring me in the face this whole time and I never saw it until just now) the grayscale button in PowerPoint. I got so excited that I knew I wanted to share it with others. I think it's very important to try to ensure that people who spend their hard earned teacher money on your products receive the best quality possible. It adds more credibility to Teachers Pay Teachers and to yourself as well. I think I read somewhere that Deanna Jump, the top selling teacher on TPT puts in over 50 hours editing one product prior to posting to make sure it's perfect. I can say I spend a lot of time as well, but fortunately this quick tip I'm going to share takes just a couple minutes. My video tutorial will teach you how to preview your product in grayscale for those who purchase your product and have no access to a colored-printer. I know my school just got a colored printer this year, so I know there has to be many, many schools like ours.

I was Pinspired to do this because I have watched many helpful video tutorials for creating TPT products that have been floating around on Pinterest. If it weren't for Pinterest, I wouldn't have known about video tutorials for TPT so this is my way of giving back. I will admit, I was kind of shy so I bit the bullet and recorded one run-through raw and unedited. If you all love it, I will share more video tutorials. By the way my video features my 60 Random Acts of Kindness product/mini-program to use in your classroom if you have or want to prevent bullying/teasing and build a stronger classroom community. If you'd like to know more about it head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store or click here.

I hope you find this video helpful, please like it, pin it, or leave a comment!

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