Video Tutorial: Creating Editable PowerPoints for your Teachers Pay Teachers Products

I love to create educational resources which is why I am so happy that I found the website Teachers Pay Teachers. One burning question I always had was figuring out how to make my items editable. This video tutorial will show you exactly how to do so. Also, for clipart lovers, this tutorial will allow you to flatten your clipart so that noone can "steal" the clipart from your PowerPoint. Of course you can always save your file directly as a PDF, but this tutorial gives you the option to sell your PowerPoints without jeopardizing your clipart Terms of Use as well as protecting your slides so that formatting issues do not occur. I could go on and on with tips, but I like to keep the videos short. Please leave any questions you have below. I hope someone out there in Blog Land finds this helpful!


PS-I hope you like my sneak peak of my next TPT resource!

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