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Well, this is a little embarrassing...I meant to post on Tuesday which I have missed by less than an hour :(. But hey, I always say better late than never, so here it goes.

I was inspired to switch my personal Instagram account over to an official "The Pinspired Teacher" account because of What the Teacher Wants and Apples and ABC's #TeacherTalkTuesday Instagram Party.

You can follow me my URL is so just search for @ThePinspiredTeacher 
and it will look somethin' like this:

I am really excited to also announce a photo challenge to kick-off teacher appreciation month. Each day you take a photo of whatever is listed for that day. I kept a classroom/teacher theme because I want to see inside everyone's day-to-day classrooms! I think it helps us get to know one another more. TIP: Take a look at the list and take some photos in advance, because we all know how busy we get during this time of year. I'll be setting a reminder in my phone each day so I don't forget to actually post. When you post use this hashtag: 


Notice I did not put a month on it just in case teachers join late, but still want to do all 30. Let's all try to start today, May 1st, but if we don't it's quite alright! Save this challenge and repost it on your Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Blog so we can have a nice collection of photos!

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