Diving into May with a Currently and an Idiom Book Tour!

I just had to title my post with a cheesy idiom since I am sharing a sneak peak into our class Idiom ABC Book. Pictured here:

I have had so much fun this year with my homeroom class. They love to play with the English language, especially when it comes to idioms. Every time I use an idiom while teaching my students are eager to point it out. I created this Idiom ABC Book because one of my girls started her own ABC Book and others wanted to do one as well. My favorite products to create are the ones that come from my students. I let one of my students take our Idiom ABC Book home during spring break to illustrate the sample pages. I didn't give her any guidelines besides telling her to let her imagination run wild! She came back from SB so excited to share her illustrations. I asked her to re-share so that I could record her explanations and by our 5th try, my phone finally recorded. These illustrations are tickled me pink- my favorite is the "Go Bananas":


Moving on...
I first discovered "teacher blogs" two summers ago and I remember reading bloggers' currently posts and really enjoyed them. Now that I have my own blog, I'm taking the plunge and linking up with a fellow 4th grade teacher, Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade. Shout out to Mrs. Sanderson over at Flying High in First Grade for encouraging me to link up!

Listening- Little fact about me- I listen to TV more than I watch it. I also HAVE to sleep with the TV on, but not just any show can be on-it must be light and cheery. I once went to sleep with some action movie and dreamed I was in the movie which was highly disturbing. Anyways, growing up I always watched Nick at Nite with I Love Lucy, I Dream of Jeanie, Mary Tyler Moore, etc. Well none of those shows are on Nick at Nite, so I listen to the reruns of King of Queens at night until I fall asleep.

Loving- SCANDAL! I love this TV Series! I have been hooked ever since I discovered the first season on Netflix and now I am officially obsessed. Shonda Rhimes (the creator) is a genius-she also is the mastermind behind Grey's Anatomy.

Thinking- This time next month...WILL BE THE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL! Oh-em-geeeee! I'm excited to end my year with a bang. I've had my students since last year and I looped to fourth grade with them. That is why I am going all out with my End of Year Extravaganza. We will begin the extravaganza this Wednesday with our End of Year Countdown Activities. I want my students to have very special memories of fourth grade, so the activities I planned will do just that.

Wanting- Time. I crave time. Time to plan, time to laminate, time to organize, time to de-clutter for summer, time to create TPT products, time to pin, but mainly time to do all this and still relax. I'm soo overdue for a spa day...who's with me?

Needing- Spring clothes. I'm talking bright, cheery colorful clothing. My closet has too much black, however I do own a ton of colorful scarves.

Summer bucket list- I love having summers off to travel, but no one else has summers off around me. I would  love to be able to treat my mom to a mommy-daughter trip somewhere this summer. TPT- I absolutely love everything about Teachers Pay Teachers. The other sellers are so friendly and helpful. My biggest hobby is creating and designing teacher resources. It is fun and addicting for me! Time- well, from my little rant above you could probably determine I'm a busy gal. Time has landed an additional spot on my currently because my bucket list is to spend more time with loved ones. I get so busy during the school year that my social life falls through the cracks. I go under my teacher rock and do not crawl out until the last bus pulls out of the parking lot on the last day of school. I think it's because I still consider myself a newer teacher and I haven't found the perfect balance yet between school, family, friends, fitness, etc. By the way- any tips for this balancing act would surely be appreciated!

Well that's all folks,

Happy Pinning,
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