I'm Pinspired: Word Work Organization for Upper Elementary Kiddos

I'm so excited! I've been Pinspired yet again. This time from Juice Box and Crayola's pin:

Recently, my team and I changed our teaching routine around to experiment for next year. I am back to teaching the whole grade reading and writing. With my old schedule, I taught 70 minutes of writing, spelling, and grammar to three classes and we had a dedicated 20 minutes every day of spelling activities. Now I have 100 minutes to do what I was doing plus reading instruction. I love the new schedule because my team teachers are also doing pieces of reading instruction in their classes (fluency and whole group basal instruction). This allows me to have enough time for a couple rounds of the Daily 5 (aka Daily 3 in my room).  Due to this change, I no longer have time to have the whole class doing word work, so I knew I needed to revamp my word work options. Whenever I need ideas, I always turn to Pinterest. Juice Box and Crayola's has a fabulous blog post about how she does word work in 5th grade. She also has a link to the documents for all of the word work options in a Microsoft Word free download. I was thrilled that I was able to edit the documents and add one to suit my classroom needs. 
 I found this file folder bin on clearance at Target today and new this would be perfect for my word work organization ravampination. It comes with a lid and 6 file folder thingies. I printed off Juice Box and Crayola's word work instructions for each options and backed it with scrapbook paper I had hangin' around. Then I laminated the instructions and taped them to the front of the file folder. I also keep extra instructions inside the folders for students to take to their seats. 

Want the "word work" letters? You can find them here.

The "Word Ladder" is one I added to go with this amazing book:
Daily Word Ladders Gr 4-6

Happy Pinning!
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