It's June!! Let's Celebrate Instagram Style!

In May I hosted the Photo-A-day Teacher Challenge (AKA the #PADTeacherChallenge) Then my summer-itis and end of year duties kicked in and I would be so busy at school I wouldn't look at my phone until it was time for bed. Needless to say I got lazy with technology. But I'm back and ready to attack summer vacation head on! For the summer I wanted to do something to keep us teachers connected in a casual way. Enter: the Photo-a-Week Summer Challenge! This will be a way for us to keep in touch and network with other teachers without the pressure of posting e v e r y d a y. Check it out:

For the first week of June, which may indeed be the first week of summer vacation for many of you, let's get outside and enjoy the weather! Snap photos during a walk, at the beach, your view from your porch, the beautiful clouds, whatever! Post as many you'd like during that first week, if you just get one in, oh well! It's summer! The second week of June, post pictures of food-food from Pinterest you're mouth is watering over, or food you are chowing down on! The third week is pretty open to anything you consider fun. We're going to end June by snapping photos of places we visit, anything from Wal-Mart to Paris! My main rule is to have fun! Networking tip: Click on the hashtag to find other teachers who are posting pictures using the same hashtag and follow them!

A now a little more about me with this month's Currently, hosted by Farley over at the Oh' Boy Fourth Grade blog.

Happy June!
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