Setting Up My Classroom Day 1-2

I can sum up the past few days in one picture stolen from my Instagram (@thepinspiredteacher):

With that being said, I took a big deep breath and headed into my classroom. Day 1 was yesterday and I went in with one goal in mind- add a fresh coat of paint to my bulletin boards. I took over a retired teacher's room last year and all the bulletin boards were painted black and I kept it that way when I moved in. I LOVE having black bulletin boards, especially paired with my neon color obsession. Black makes the colors pop! I used chalkboard black paint so that I could write in chalk on them. 

We did this last year for our word wall (even though it wasn't chalkboard paint) and the chalk came off fairly easy. 

Changes for this year: I'm moving the word wall area to the front of my classroom and using my longer wall to house anchor charts. 

Today (Day 2) I was able to get half my word wall up: 
(Sorry for the glare) 

Underneath each letter either myself or a student will write words in chalk. So fun! 

Where my old word wall was now looks like this: 
Tomorrow I will be tackling that hot mess of a counter, yeee-haw! 

Stay tuned!
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