Praise Calls-Strengthening the Home School Connection One Call at a Time

The positive call home is nothing new, yet seems to be something that falls on the bottom of our (teachers) priority list when factoring in the kajillion other things to grade, people to meet with, and lessons to plan. This year, my team and I felt that we needed to up the ante on positivity. We decided that we would call home to every student in the fourth grade and share some positive things their child has been doing, or qualities we really admire in that student. Our goal is to call 3 parents per week, which would mean parents would receive at the very least 3 praise calls throughout the year. We're starting our goal low, and will continue to build. I'm insanely busy, especially during this back to school time, but I know I can do three calls! This weekend I was at Hobby Lobby and found the cutest little notebook that I envisioned using for my praise calls:
If you haven't given a praise call in a while, how about rekindling that old flame?

Happy pinning!
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