3D-TV in the Classroom-Techspired Tuesday

 Just a quick post today, but I thought I'd share how we used this 3D-TV in our classroom. My students are currently studying landforms. We were able to view several different landforms here on Earth, as well as on the moon in 3D! This got students thinking about what landforms they would be interested in researching more in depth. Check out our 3D goggles! Each one charges by USB so they're kind of heavy, but the students thought they were super cool wearing them :).
After we explored landforms, we logged onto Google Earth and I showed students how to "fly to" their homes and famous landmarks around the world. Students then tried it on their iPads. We were also reading Greek myths at the time, so we flew to Greece as a class. The kids couldn't get enough of Google Earth!
That's all for now, but here's a sneak peek at a new product that will be posted in my TPT store very soon!

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